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Canterbury Bankstown Free Desexing

Canterbury Bankstown Council: Fund a Free Desexing Program


There are tens of thousands of homeless cats and kittens in our community. Struggling to survive, enduring cold and hunger and even deliberate acts of cruelty like poisoning.


These cats are living on the streets due to no fault of their own – they have been dumped by their owners, often when they are pregnant and left to fend for themselves.


And Council is not doing enough


Currently, the Council dedicates a miniscule amount of funds to support discounted desexing. As you have observed from the number of homeless cats in your area, this is not enough to address the issue.

We need free desexing


The Animal Justice Party is calling on Canterbury Bankstown Council to step up and take real action on this growing issue that affects the entire community: we’re asking them to run a free desexing and community education program.


Why should Council take on this cost?


Cost is the number one reason why people don’t desex their cats: in a study by Australian Pet Welfare, it was the #1 reason given by 90% of people as to why their cat wasn’t desexed.


When Councils take on this cost, it actually saves them money. In one year alone, free council desexing programs have been shown to reduce the number of homeless cats by over 30% and save councils over $100,000 in shelter and impounding costs (Source: Australian Pet Welfare).


While Canterbury-Bankstown Council has failed to take action, individuals in our community have stepped up to feed and care for our homeless cats, and have been trying to trap and desex them on their own time and using their own funds. We applaud these kind and dedicated carers, but the burden should not be on individual citizens.

Canterbury Bankstown Free Desexing

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