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Join an animal campaign working group!

📢 Join Our New Animal Campaign Working Groups! 🐾

Are you passionate about animal and environmental protection and eager to make a real difference in the lives of our furry friends and ensure our environment is preserved? We are excited to invite you to become a vital part of our new animal campaign working groups!

The working groups are dedicated to advocating for legislative change through local councils, while also lending support to our state-wide campaigns and the tireless efforts of our inspiring MP, Emma Hurst.

As a member of our campaign group, you will play a crucial role in raising awareness about critical animal protection issues. This will be achieved with a range of activities - creative campaigns, social media outreach, and educational events, we will raise awareness and work for positive change.

Current Groups

🐱 Cats: Our feline friends deserve the best care and protection. Join this group to work on campaigns that promote responsible cat ownership, address teh growing issue of homeless cats and kittens, counter the myths and cat hatred that exists, and improve the overall welfare and lives of cats in our communities.

🚫 Ban 1080: The use of 1080 poison has devastating effects, is extremely inhumane and dangerous. 1080 kills indiscriminantly. Our wildlfe and even companion animals can all suffer and die because of the use of 1080 . In this group, we will focus on raising awareness, lobbying for safer alternatives, and ultimately pushing for a complete ban on 1080.

🏁 End Greyhound Racing: Greyhounds are gentle and loyal companions, and we believe they deserve better than being subjected to the racing industry. Join this group to advocate for the end of greyhound racing, promote adoption, and ensure these magnificent animals are treated with the respect and love they deserve.

🦘 Protect Kangaroos: As iconic symbols of our nation, kangaroos deserve to be protected from exploitation and harm. Join this group to work on campaigns aimed at preserving their habitats, stop the commercial, non commercials and ‘recreational’ killing of kangaroos, promote co existence and initiaves that protect kangaroos and all wildlife like wildlife friendly roads initiatives and wildlife friendly fencing.

🚫 Ban Shark Nets: Our oceans are teeming with life, and we must find better ways to coexist with its inhabitants. Join this group to campaign against the use of shark nets, which kills hudreds of turtles, whales, sting rays, dolphins seals and endangered species like grey nurse sharks. They are archaic, out dated and they do not work. This group will be campaigning to end shark nets and implement safe and effective alternatives.

By joining our animal campaign working groups, you will be part of a passionate community striving to make meaningful changes and ensure a brighter, more compassionate future for all animals. Your voice matters, and together, we can create impactful legislative changes and inspire a positive shift in attitudes toward animal welfare. Let's work hand in hand with MP Emma Hurst and create a force for change that cannot be ignored! Join us today, and let's make a difference together! 🐾🌿

To join a working group you need to be a financial member of the Animal Justice Party - join here


If you have any questions contact [email protected]