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Horse Racing Kills

Horse racing is a cruel “sport” built on the suffering of thousands of animals. It is a world of traumatic injuries, drug abuse, horrific breakdowns, and brutal slaughter, glamorised by a rich and callous minority who profit on horses quite literally running for their lives.


This is no small industry. Approximately 15,000 thoroughbred foals are bred each year in Australia, with yearlings selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars to buyers hoping to profit from years of abusive “training”.

This “training” demands horses be kept in isolation unless they’re on the track. With no social and environmental stimuli, race horses often develop behaviours including crib-biting and self-mutilation. With a diet that often leads to gastric ulcers and track training putting them at risk of painful injuries, such as torn ligaments and tendons, dislocated joints and fractured bones, these horses endure daily trauma before they even reach competition.

Horse racing is cruel and inhumane. It has no place here in NSW or anywhere around Australia.

As a Party who takes a no-tolerance stance to animal cruelty, it is our goal to put an end to this barbaric form of so-called “entertainment” once and for all. Please join us in demanding an end to the use of horses for gambling and entertainment.

Horse Racing Kills

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