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Ban Battery Hens

Right now 12 million hens are imprisoned in battery cages.

After a 7-year review of the poultry industry, the government’s commitment to a 14-year phase-out is a woeful response for hens. And it is entirely out of step with the public’s expectation of animal welfare.

The government has caved to industry pressure yet again. A 2036 date for a phase-out means more than 55 million individual hens will be confined to cages without justification. 

A hen in a battery cage lives a life of utter misery. A hell on earth. She can barely move, her claws wrapped around a wire cage, she will spend her entire life with no more space than an A4 piece of paper. And when she is no longer ‘productive’ she will be killed.

This is horrendous abuse on an unimaginable scale

Sign our petition and demand an end to battery hens now.

We are calling on Minister for Primary Industries Tara Moriarty and the new Labor Government to act and support our MP Emma Hurt's bill to ban battery cages.

It's time to free hens in NSW. 

Europe phased out battery cages in 2012.

New Zealand phased out cages this year, as did 10 other US States.

Why are Australian hens left to suffer till 2036? 

The NSW government can and should do better.

We are calling on the Labor Party to commit to a rapid phase-out of battery hens. Support the Animal Justice Party bill to ban battery cages. Join us and fight for an end to this despicable, barbaric industry.


Ban Battery Hens

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