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Koalas could become extinct in NSW in the next 30 years. These iconic native animals are facing increased threats with even the healthiest colonies at risk as critical habitat is destroyed, and our climate grows hotter and drier.


During the 2019-20 Inquiry into koalas in NSW, evidence showing koalas are on the brink could not have been more stark. Yet while our MP Mark Pearson and the inquiry committee put forward over 40 recommendations for change, the NSW Government has done very little.

But we will change that.

The Animal Justice Party NSW is calling on Environment Minister James Griffin to action 5 recommendations laid out by the inquiry that are critical to the survival of koalas:

  • Facilitate more koala habitat on private land being protected;
  • Investigate the establishing the Great Koala National Park;
  • Rule out opening up old growth forests in the state forest reserve for logging;
  • Urgently investigate the utilisation of core koala habitat on private land and in State forests to replenish koala habitat lost in the bushfires;
  • Ensure that the combination of underpasses, overpasses and exclusion fencing along roads is incorporated into both the retrofitting of existing infrastructure and new development in areas of known koala habitat.

You can join us by signing our petition and telling environment Minister James Griffin t protect koalas, or if you want to go a step further, learn how to meet with your local MP and ask them to commit to protecting koalas in NSW HERE.

Together with our members and supporters, we are demanding urgent, cross-party support to reduce land clearing, protect old growth forests, and save koalas from extinction.

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