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Greyhound Racing

Every year, the NSW Government pours millions of dollars of taxpayer money into the cruel and deadly greyhound industry.

Without these taxpayer-funded handouts this barbaric industry simply would not exist.

In the past five years, the NSW Government has funnelled nearly $100M of tax dollars into propping up the greyhound racing industry. Meanwhile, average citizens struggle in the cost-of-living crisis and can’t afford a home.

Most Australians want greyhound racing banned, but the government isn’t listening.

The Government claims it has cleaned the industry up, but dog welfare is worse than ever – 50% more puppies are being born into the industry now than five years ago. They are dying on tracks and in training, and once the dogs are ‘retired’, their ‘disappearance’ is easy.

Six years ago in NSW we were on the brink of something amazing. After being shaken to the core by a Four Corners exposé, a Parliamentary Inquiry was launched resulting in the damning ‘McHugh Report’. This found overwhelming evidence of “systematic animal cruelty”, from mass killing to live baiting, racing deaths, injuries and mistreatment.

The inquiry found that in the past 12 years, up to 68,448 dogs were killed because they were “unsuitable or too slow for racing”, as well as 7,000 healthy puppies and young dogs who never even made it to the track.

Our Plan

  • A total end to taxpayer funding for the greyhound racing industry
  • No subsidies
  • A ban on greyhound racing. The industry has shown it is not capable of reform.