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Submission Guide - Vet Inquiry

Our MP Emma Hurst has secured an inquiry into the vet shortage in NSW. This is a big win, as the current crisis in veterinary care impacts not only animals but also vets and those who care for animals.

Emma Hurst will be the Deputy Chair of the Inquiry. Without the Animal Justice Party, this inquiry would not be happening. Political representation matters.

Why is this Inquiry Important?

Vets have one of the highest suicide rates of any profession. They are struggling to cope in a system where they have multiple and stressful demands. This inquiry will play an important role in shining a light on the many issues facing the veterinary profession.

The vet crisis also has a significant impact on anyone who cares for animals, and obviously a big impact on animals who need medical care and attention.

  • We know small and large rescue groups struggle to access and pay for veterinary care, especially right now with the increasing number of homeless animals, especially cats, and kittens.
  • Wildlife rescuers and carers face the unique challenge to find vets who are experienced and trained in providing care for native animals.
  • An increasing number of pet owners cannot afford to pay for veterinary care for their beloved companions, in this cost-of living-crisis, which is why the Animal Justice Party has been advocating for Veticare to make vet-care affordable and accessible for all. 
  • Across regional NSW people can wait weeks or even months to see a vet.
  • Council pounds have been particularly affected by the vet shortage, with many finding it difficult to secure veterinarians to care for sick and injured animals, as well as de-sex and microchip animals for rehoming.

The Government needs to hear these stories.

Why should I make a submission?

Parliamentary inquiries are your chance to have a say. Your chance to give animals a voice in parliament.

They can and do make a difference. The more submissions we receive the more chance we have to make an impact and create the political power we need for animals.

The Inquiry needs to hear about the impact the vet shortage has on the community and individuals.

It's a unique opportunity for citizens to have a direct line of communication with parliamentarians and decision-makers.

And it does make a difference. Emma, as Deputy Chair of this committee, needs your submissions.

What have past Parliamentary Inquiries about animals achieved?

2020 Inquiry into the use of animals in entertainment included a recommendation that the NSW Government consider applying limitations on the breeding of cetaceans. This recommendation led to new regulations that banned captive breeding and effectively ended the use of cetaceans for entertainment. 

Shortly after this inquiry, the last remaining circus stopped using lions and monkeys. 

2020 inquiry into animal cruelty included recommendations to increase in penalties for animal cruelty offences, these increases were subsequently implemented and now NSW has some of the highest penalties for cruelty in Australia. This inquiry also recommended an annual inquiry into RSPCA and AWL, which has now been established.

2020 Inquiry into the Health and well-being of Macropods, shone a light on the treatment of kangaroos across the state. The inquiry highlighted multiple cruelty and welfare issues and importantly called into question counting methodologies and overall compliance and transparency issues. We are working with the new Labor Government to implement this and other recommendations 

2022 Inquiry into Animal Experimentation included a recommendation to fund alternatives to animal research the government subsequently announced funding to achieve this, as well as gain funding for groups who rescue animals from experimentation. The Inquiry Report also included recommendations to ban forced swim tests and forced smoking tests which our MP Emma Hurst is working on implementing

How to make a submission

Do not be daunted by making a submission. You do not have to be a writer, a researcher, a vet. The submission process is open to everyone - vets, rescue groups, individual pet owners and citizens. You do not need to address all the Terms of Reference you can just choose to address a few or even one

Submissions can be made as an individual or on behalf of an organisation.

Be prepared to include the following details:

  • Name,
  • Address
  • Contact

However, you can choose whether you would like your name and/or submission made public.

You can upload a document and supporting evidence.

  • Click here to view the Terms of Reference 
  • Click here for more information on writing your submission 
  • Click here to make your submission

Some Basic Rules 

There are some simple things you can do to increase the chances of information from your
submission is included in the inquiry.

● Talk about your own experiences and provide as much detail as possible;
● Use your own words;
● Include any evidence you have: date, times, attach photos, receipts and videos where relevant;
● Use spell check and proofread.

● Swear;
● Rant: stick to the facts and your experiences;
● Talk about issues that are not covered by the Terms of Reference.

This is a NSW inquiry, so the information needs to be NSW focussed. Focus on your own experiences, here are some examples:

  • I live in regional NSW and had to wait 3 months to see a vet
  • I could not afford vet care for my sick dog, and I feel so terrible that I can not give him the medical care he needs
  • I run a small cat rescue and we can no longer afford to get kittens desexed
  • I am a wildlife carer i am always taking native animals to the vet who are euthanised even though they could be saved if vets had the proper training to care for native animals and the time
  • I am a vet I left the profession two years ago as i could not cope with the stress

Time Line:

Submissions Close 21st July 2023

To make a submission click here 


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