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Shark Nets Out

Send an Email to Minister Tara Moriarty

The Minns Labor government is ignoring science, evidence-based research and the community - by putting shark nets back in our beaches. 

Shark nets do not keep people safe, and they kill marine life.

"Premier Chris Minns and Agriculture Minister Tara Moriarty know full well that shark nets create a false sense of security. Research from the University of Wollongong showed that nets are ineffective at protecting beachgoers whilst indiscriminately killing countless marine animals." - Emma Hurst MP

Why do we want nets out?

🌊 Ineffectiveness: Shark nets have repeatedly proven ineffective at keeping swimmers safe from shark encounters. Research shows that they offer a false sense of security, as many species can easily pass through or around them. More than half the sharks caught in nets were on the beachside. Drones, patrolled beaches, swimmer education are proven effective strategies. 

🌏 Environmental Impact: These nets trap and kill countless non-target species, such as dolphins, turtles, and rays, leading to devastating consequences for our delicate marine ecosystems. 26% of animals caught in the 2022/2023 season were species classified as either threatened or protected marine animals under Australian laws.

🦈 Cruelty: All animals caught in these nets suffer greatly. More than half (63%) of all animals caught died as a result of the entanglement. They die slowly and painfully as they struggle to free themselves. 100% of dolphins caught in the nets died and 50% of entangled turtles died. 

New figures published on the 2022/23 shark net program show that of the 228 animals ensnared at NSW beaches, just 24 were target sharks while the remaining 204 animals were non-target species. The 204 non-target species comprised 120 smaller sharks including the critically endangered grey nurse shark, 58 rays, 14 turtles, 10 mammals (eight dolphins and two seals) and two finfish.