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Natasha Brown



We are excited to introduce Natasha Brown as our candidate for the Cook by-election.

Natasha is our Regional Leader for our Sydney South Regional Group and was the campaign manager for her sister Arielle in Heathcote for the 2023 election. She is also a proud mum to three animal-loving daughters and two gorgeous rescue staffies!

Natasha is standing as our candidate in the Cook by-election for one reason: the animals! 

“I am running in this election to give animals the political voice they so desperately need.  To stand up for the sheep that are suffering in the brutal live export trade, the pigs who are being abused in factory farms, and to protect our precious marine environment and the habitat that our native animals call home” Natasha Brown Candidate for Cook.

  But she can’t do it alone she needs your help - Volunteer!



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Will you volunteer?