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Join a local group in your community!


Why join a local regional group?

Are you passionate about animals and their well-being? Do you believe that every creature, big or small, deserves love, compassion, political representation and legal protection?

If so, we invite you to become a part of one of our dynamic and dedicated regional groups!

Our active members within regional groups are like-minded individuals who share a common goal: to create a world where animals are treated with kindness and respect. Regional groups do this by being active and engaged in their communities, fighting for change and campaigning to protect animals and the environment.

Why Join Us?

  1. Make a Real Difference: As a member of our group, you'll have the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the lives of animals. From campaigning for stronger animal and environmental laws, to shining a light on issues in your community like habitat loss, greyhound racing, shark nets or factory farming. Your efforts will directly contribute to improving the well-being of our furry, feathery, and scaly friends.
  2. Join a Supportive Community: When you join a local group, you become part of a caring and supportive community of individuals who share your passion. Here, you'll find people who understand your dedication and are ready to work together towards positive change.
  3. Diverse Opportunities: Whether you excel at organizing events, connecting with local representatives, running a stall, creating compelling social media campaigns, researching, or simply have a deep love for animals, there is a place for you in our group. There is a place for everyone no after what your skills and experience are.
  4. Learn and Grow: Being a part of our group is not just about contributing; it's also about learning and growing as an advocate for animal rights. We provide valuable resources, workshops, and training to help you become a more effective voice for the causes you believe in.
  5. Create Lasting Friendships: Working together for a shared cause fosters strong bonds and lasting friendships. You'll find yourself surrounded by individuals who share your values and are passionate about creating a better world for animals.
  6. Have Fun While Making a Difference: Campaigning for animal rights doesn't mean it's all serious business! We also organize fun events, pet-friendly gatherings, and social outings that allow us to unwind and connect while celebrating our love for animals.

Whether you're an experienced animal activist or just starting your journey, we welcome you with open arms. Every voice matters, and together, we can create a world where animals are treated with the love and respect they deserve. 

Join your local regional group today. We have 16 active regional groups click here to see them - if there is not a regional group in your area we can work with you to start one contact [email protected] today and be a part of the change our furry friends need!

Join a local group


*please note you do have to be a member of the party to join a group its $22 concession or $44 full price for membership - if you are experiencing financial hardship - please get in touch here and we can waive the cost for you. We know how many people are struggling in this cost of living crisis.

To join a local group you need to be a financial member of the Animal Justice Party.




"I became a group leader because it gave me the power to help animals by spreading awareness and influencing people to act against animal cruelty. One of the most positive outcomes was our contribution to getting Emma voted into parliament by campaigning at the state election. Our goal is to do it again at the next state election. What have we gained? We have formed close friendships and the group members have become a support network for each other when dealing with animal cruelty becomes overwhelming."

– Tess Hawkins Coffs Harbour

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, but want to join contact Louise Ward. If you have any questions contact [email protected]