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Submission Guide Brumby Inquiry

The Animal Justice Party has secured a Parliamentary Inquiry for Brumbies in Kosciuszko National Park! 

We now have the chance to expose the truth about the dodgy counting methods, the flawed methodology, the brutal killings, and the heartbreaking trapping that brumbies have been subjected to. 

This inquiry also gives us a chance to fight against aerial shooting.  The lack of compassion the Labor government has shown with their proposal to reintroduce aerial killing has been shocking. Aerial shooting is ruthless and inhumane – a heartless approach that should never be an option. The Inquiry will also be able to make recommendations on Brumby protection including calling for a moratorium on all killing.

The Animal Justice Party has fought hard for this inquiry, but for this inquiry to have an impact we need you to make a submission.

Please note that this submission is separate to the current consultation that the government is running. The current consultation only relates to aerial killing. This Inquiry is far broader in scope and includes counting methodologies, non lethal controls as well as aerial killing. To make sure your voice is heard please make a submission to both the consultation and the Inquiry.

Why make a submission?

We have just seen a monumental victory for ducks. The Victorian Inquiry into duck hunting has recommended a permanent ban on recreational duck and quail shooting on public and private land from 2024. 

This outcome would not have been possible without the public speaking up.

10,000+ submissions were received by the Committee - breaking the record for the largest ever in Victorian parliament history. From scientists and bird experts to volunteer rescuers, to average Australians - the evidence in support of a ban was overwhelming. 

This is what we need for the Brumby inquiry - we need to show the Labor government and the opposition that the people of NSW do not support aerial killing, shooting and trapping and killing of brumbies. 

Treatment of brumbies.

  • Brumbies have been unfairly scapegoated for too long. Environmental damage in Kosciuszko National Park cannot be solely attributed to brumbies; there are numerous contributing factors, including Snowy 2, increased tourism development, 4-wheel driving, and agricultural runoff.
  • Recent incidents have highlighted the brutality brumbies face. In September, the Liberal-National Government shot an entire herd of brumbies in Kosciuszko National Park, causing immense trauma to the community. Many horses suffered slow and agonising deaths, including pregnant mares who lost their foals. This is not humane.
  • In May of this year, 67 horses in Kosciuszko National Park met a similarly brutal fate, shot in their necks and left to bleed out. Pregnant mares and foals perished. The government may label its brumby shooting and trapping program as humane, but it is anything but.
  • The true extent of the killings and the fate of these horses remain uncertain.

Flawed counting and inflated population numbers 

The survey methodology for counting brumbies has significant flaws, as highlighted by Independent Bio-statistician Claire Galea's recent report. Adding up horse counts from different years is not accurate or ethical – it's deception, not statistics.

Implausible population estimates from flawed modelling techniques have been an ongoing concern, and one the Animal Justice Party has raised over many years. Thai Inquiry will be investigating current methodologies and calling for transparency and accuracy when assessing the brumby population.

Who should make a submission

Everyone! You do not need to be an expert to make a submission. If you are distressed at the treatment of brumbies and want to make sure they are not subjected  to such cruel and barbaric treatment, make a submission

Making a submission and Terms of Reference 

The Terms of Reference are broad and far reaching and include animal welfare concerns, population methodologies, human safety concerns, history of laws relating to policies and programs and alternatives to shooting.

This is your chance to have to have your say on brumbies. Whilst you do not need to be a recognised expert to make a submission it is important that you provide as much information as possible and any relevant evidence and references. So, for example if you want to call for a moratorium in your submission make sure to state your reasons.

You do not need to respond to all of the terms of reference, you can choose to respond to all, some or just one.

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Submissions can be made as an individual or on behalf of an organisation.

Be prepared to include the following details:

  • Name,
  • Address
  • Contact

However, you can choose whether you would like your name and/or submission made public.

You can upload a document and supporting evidence.

Submissions close 13th October 2023

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