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Adidas: Stop the Kangaroo Slaughter

It's time for Adidas to stop killing kangaroos for shoes.

Dear Bjorn Gulden, Adidas CEO

Every night, under the cover of darkness kangaroos are hunted down, terrorised maimed and slaughtered for profit driven commercial kangaroo killing industry. Joeys are ripped from their dead mothers pouch and bludgeoned to death or left to fend for themselves to die hungry and alone crying out for their dead mothers.

With the thirst for profit driving an unrelenting killing spree, the commercial kangaroo industry has made kangaroos the victims of the largest slaughter of land-based wildlife on the planet.

As one of the largest buyers of kangaroo leather, adidas is driving this inhumane massacre.

NIKE and Puma have recognised the inherent cruelty of this industry and are both taking the ethical step to stop using slaughtered wild animals to make shoes -  we are calling on adidas to do the same. Now.

Why sign this petition?

Consumers matter to Adidas. Public opinion matters to Adidas. By signing and sharing this petition you are helping to add to the unrelenting pressure that will make Adidas stop using our kangaroos for their soccer boots.

We are at a critical point in this campaign. With both NIKE and PUMA announcing bans - Adidas is under extreme pressure.

CEO Bjorn Gulden has the power to end the use of kangaroo skin. The louder our collective voice is, the harder we are to ignore. 

We must keep going. Big companies like Adidas do change based on public pressure. That’s you.

Time to act. Sign and share this petition.

To our Kangaroos we pledge this – we will never stop fighting for you. 

Adidas: Stop the Kangaroo Slaughter

1,499 Signatures Collected

Only 501 more until our goal of 2,000

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