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Penny Sharpe - Mandate Wildlife-Friendly Fences

Penny Sharpe MP, our new environment Minister, has the power to protect our precious wildlife by mandating wildlife-friendly fencing across NSW. 

Dear MP Penny Sharpe,

It is estimated that thousands and thousands of native animals across NSW suffer and die in barbed wire fencing every year. 

Our wildlife is under attack - fences, roads, habitat loss, climate change and shooting are pushing many of our native species to the brink  - mandating wildlife fencing is a no-brainer.

More than 75 wildlife species have been documented as regular victims of barbed wire fencing. This includes 25 species of mammals, and 50 species of birds. Our beautiful and unique Squirrel and Sugar Gliders, micro bats, flying foxes, kangaroos, wallabies and owls are common victims.

It is not just wildlife that are victims. 

It is people too.

Wildlife rescuers are called to scenes of unimaginable horror,  confronted with extreme suffering like the mother fying fox so entangled that she is chewing through her own wing to try and free herself and save her baby.  The powerful owl caught on the chest flapping his wings madly but unable to escape. Then the carers who spend months investing their time and resources trying to nurse these injured animals back to health.

This is not a tough complicated problem.

We know that 86% of wildlife are entangled in the top 2 strands of barbed wire and there are already farmers and local councils successfully replacing or retrofitting fences. At a minimum all new fences should be banned from using barbed wire on the top two strands or bottom strands. Barbless safe twist wire, is a safe wire manufactured right here in NSW in Albury. Gates for wildlife in key crossing areas have also been trialled successfully. It can be done. All it takes is political will.  Penny Sharpe has the power to do it.




Why sign this petition?

Right now the fact that animals and birds are struggling and dying in archaic barbed wire fencing is not on Penny Sharpe's agenda.

It's up to you to put it on her agenda.

Public pressure does work. The more petition signatures we have the more power we have.

Our aim is 10,000 signatures. You can help us get there.

When we hit 10,000 signatures we will march to Parliament House, with wildlife carers carrying the images and the stories of barbed wire victims. 

It will be a powerful message that she will not be able to ignore.

 Time to act. Sign and share this petition.

The new Labor government needs to know that the majority of citizens support wildlife-friendly fencing and support the protection of our precious native wildlife.

To the animals of NSW - we will never stop fighting for you. 

*The kangaroo in this image can be counted as one of the lucky ones.  She was rescued after hanging upside down for many hours. Her injuries cut through her skin and into the bone. She was in care for three months before finally being released.

Our hearts break for all the animals that are never found. That hang, caught for days. They die of exposure. They die of predation. They die of blood loss. They die in agony. They die alone. 


Penny Sharpe - Mandate Wildlife-Friendly Fences

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