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Save Penrith's Kangaroos

Kangaroos in Penrith need your help - let's stand together and fight for our local wildlife!

Right now, kangaroos are being pushed out of their home from rampant development along O’Connell St in Caddens.

With University of Western Sydney (UWS)  having sold part of their Werrington campus to developers, a huge part of the Kangaroo’s traditional grazing habitat is now gone, and they are now living in fear due to the construction. As their habitat shrinks, they flee from the danger - directly onto the highway where they are being hit at an alarming rate.

6 Kangaroos and Wallabies have been hit in the surrounding streets in the past month alone since development on O’Connell street has begun and the community is heartbroken at constantly seeing their beloved kangaroos hit and laying dead on the side of the road.

Kangaroos, as native inhabitants of this region have been remembered as bounding across the plains of Orchard Hills for generations. They have also played a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance and biodiversity of our area for countless generations, and the local Penrith community has cherished and appreciated just how amazing it is to be able to live in harmony with one of the world’s most iconic animals.

Rather than attempting to balance development with ecological concerns, Penrith City Council and UWS have failed to consider native wildlife that have been displaced by this development. No regard has been given to their safety or survival and they have been instead herded onto a smaller and smaller section of land or have been killed by cars trying to get somewhere safe. It is also ironic to note that the Kangaroos habitat is making way for a complex of “six star” ecologically rated buildings.

The Community have reluctantly accepted that the kangaroos are no longer safe where they are and are calling on Deputy Premier of NSW and the member for Londonderry on which these Kangaroos live  Prue Car,  Mayor of Penrith City Council, Cr. Tricia Hitchen,  Vice Chancellor of Western Sydney University Professor Barney Clover, Zenki Kwan, Head of Construction & Property at HYG Developers, and Anne Goonetilleke Director of Western Sydney TAFE to take immediate responsibility for the safety of the animals that they have displaced and work together with the community to find a holistic environmental solution that provides a suitable and safe relocation site for the kangaroos.

Relocation can and does work and with increasing numbers of native animals being displaced by development in the area, it is something the government, UWS, TAFE and developers should consider and fund as part of their commitment to the environment and conservation of biodiversity within the area.

This relocation process should include comprehensive planning and assessment to ensure the well-being and survival of these animals in their new home.

We propose the following steps to address this urgent matter:

  • Immediate assessment:Conduct a thorough evaluation of the kangaroo population and their current living conditions to understand their needs and vulnerabilities.
  • Relocation plan:Collaborate with wildlife experts and conservationists to develop a well-structured relocation plan that ensures the kangaroos' safety and well-being in their new habitat.
  • Sustainable habitat creation: Allocate funds from the concerned parties, including Developer HYG, Western Sydney University, Penrith City Council, Western Sydney TAFE and our local member of Parliament for the establishment of a sustainable and protected kangaroo habitat, equipped with adequate resources for their survival.
  • Public awareness and support:Initiate awareness campaigns to educate the local community about the importance of protecting kangaroos and garner support for their relocation and safety.
  • Long-term monitoring: Implement a comprehensive monitoring system to track the kangaroos' progress in their new environment, ensuring that they are thriving and safe from any potential threats.

Why sign this petition?

Our community is tired of seeing local native animals displaced from their homes and then dead on the side of our roads after being subsequently killed trying to find somewhere safe to go.

By signing this petition you are saying that you stand with us and want to see native animals like our Werrington Kangaroos cared and considered for and not left to die due to lack of habitat or from being hit by cars due to development.

If we do nothing, there is a high probability that these Kangaroos will be killed by car strike one by one attempting to find somewhere safe to call their home.

YOU can make a difference. Let's get these Kangaroos on their agenda

Public pressure does work. The more petition signatures we have the more power we have.

Our aim is 5,000 signatures. You can help us get there.

Let’s send a powerful message to these stakeholders so that we as a community can help these Kangaroos.

 Time to act. Sign and share this petition today.

Save Penrith's Kangaroos

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