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Ban Pig Gassing

Tell Tara Moriarty, Minister for Agriculture to ban pig gassing now!

Pigs are highly intelligent, social and when they have the chance they will snuggle close to one another, and like to sleep nose-to-nose.  

Their life in a factory farm in Australia is pure misery. They suffer from life to death.

Pigs have their bodies mutilated without pain relief when they are just piglets. Their teeth are clipped and their tails are cut off. Mother pigs are forcibly impregnated and confined in artificial metal cages to give birth. They cannot build a nest for their piglets. They cannot turn around. After a lifetime of suffering, their lives will be ended with a likely slow and painful death through the use of gassing cells. 

Pigs face immense agony during gassing, struggling to breathe and enduring painful deaths.

That is why our MP Emma Hurst has introduced a bill to ban the gassing of pigs.

Whilst this bill is focussed on banning these torturous gas cells it also sheds light on the cruelty of the entire industry.


Why sign this petition?

Five million pigs are slaughtered each year in Australia, around 85 per cent of whom will be stunned and killed using gas chambers. The industry claims this process of stunning is a so-called humane shield before death. But in March this year, footage shown on the ABC's7.30 exposed the truth: There is nothing humane about gas cells.

Pigs deserve better. So much better.  Sign and share to support the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Gassing Devices Prohibition) Bill 2023 in New South Wales!

By signing this petition you are saying that you stand with us and want an end to cruel pig gassing, and in doing so you will help us shine a light on the suffering of pigs in factory farms across Australia.

YOU can make a difference. For too long the rights and well being of animals used in profit driven animal agribusinesses have been ignored. Agriculture Minister Tara Morairty has the power to stop this.  Let's get pigs on her agenda. 

Public pressure does work. The more petition signatures we have the more power we have.

Our aim is 5,000 signatures. You can help us get there.

 Time to act. Sign and share this petition today.

Ban Pig Gassing

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