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Vanessa Blazi

From a very young age, Vanessa has always had a passion for animal justice, welfare and rights. Seeing the mistreatment of animals led her to a path of animal rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming. For years, Vanessa has stood on the frontline trying to make a difference to animals, usually one, two and sometimes three at a time. She never felt like it was enough. 

Since coming across the Animal Justice Party, Vanessa has advocated for its importance and has been honoured to become a member, volunteer and more recently, Regional Group Leader for the Division of Lindsay. The injustices upon animals in Australia needs a voice and she could not be prouder than to be a part of such a movement. 

Vanessa’s values are of kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence, aligned with that of the AJP. She truly believes it is her purpose in life to help the voiceless, knowing that each and every animal deserves to be treated with respect, compassion and consideration. 

Vanessa has lived in the Penrith area for 15 years and is a local business owner working with animals and people alike. She strives to support other small businesses to make the community a safe and thriving one. Vanessa feels honoured to live and work in such a beautiful part of NSW and would be privileged to represent the people and animals of her wonderful region, adorned with natural beauty, from bushland to water, Penrith has it all, including a flourishing CBD. 

Prior to working with animals, she worked in the corporate sector managing a national department, having completed a degree in sociology, majoring in humanities. Vanessa is also studying animal welfare to better her knowledge on animal sentience, sapience and psychology. 


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