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Sydney - South Regional Group

What we campaign on:

  • Banning Shark Nets.
  • Banning Puppy Farms & awareness campaigns
  • Banning 1080
  • Protesting for Circus protests on Council land to free ‘domesticated animals’
  • Kangaroo slaughter awareness raising
  • Participation in protests such as pressure campaigns on NIKE #roosarenotshoes and Hermes #dropcroc, banning horse racing attendance at Randwick race course and attendance at #koalasneedtrees rallies
  • Calling Governments to action on climate change.
  • Transitioning industrial agriculture to a more humane and less environmentally destructive industry.
  • Ending the cruel Live Export industry.
  • Ending industrial logging and protecting koala habitat.
  • Ending commercial slaughter of our wildlife such as kangaroos
  • World Kangaroo Day Protests
  • Stopping the Brumby Kill
  • We encourage our members to make submissions into Parliamentary inquiries established by Mark Pearson and Emma Hurst.

Email: [email protected]


Meetings: Get in touch for more info!