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Stop children hunting – email your MP now!

The NSW Government is trying to sneak in new hunting regulations so that even children under 12 can go out and maim and kill animals using bows and arrows.

Is this the cruel, violent culture we want our children to inherit? Australia, we can do better.

Take a stand – email your local MP using our form below.

These are some of the changes the NSW Government is trying to sneak through:

  • Children under 12 can apply for a Game Hunting Licence. This excludes firearms, but means that as long as there was adult supervision (which could be an 18-year-old)  a group of 10-year-olds could go hunting with dogs, bows and arrows.
  • Young people aged 16–18 would be allowed to hunt using dogs, bows and arrows without adult supervision. 
  • 18-year-olds would be allowed to supervise children under 12 who are hunting. (Why are children under 12 hunting?!)
  • No stipulation to avoid animal cruelty. Current hunting regulations include this, but the NSW Government would like this most basic humane provision removed.

They are trying to sneak these changes through because they know the majority of citizens would not support these changes.

These changes are not just bad for animals. They are bad for people too and place the lives of children at unnecessary risk.

These changes are bad for Australia. A culture in which children are encouraged to commit violence against animals is a danger to us all. The link between children who commit acts of cruelty to animals and later grow up to commit acts of violence against fellow humans is well established.

Please email your MP now.