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Rohan Laxmanalal

Rohan Laxmanalal is the Animal Justice Party candidate for Parramatta, occupied by the Burramattagal people, a clan of the Dharug. Rohan was born in Westmead and lived in the area until 2020. He was an Opportunity Class (OC) and Selective High School student with a background in Finance and Mathematics and is currently specialising in renewable energy and environmental markets.

Statements from the United Nations (UN) and Oxford University show that Animal Agriculture is the biggest thing we can address right now for climate change and human health. Rohan knows that if the world reduced its consumption of animal products by 50%, approximately 20 million square kilometres of land will become available for tree-based agriculture, thereby saving soil. Unfortunately, no political party in the country other than the Animal Justice Party addresses this in their policies.

Therefore, Rohan stands as a proud AJP candidate, having run five times both in State and Federal seats in Western Sydney. He is also an active volunteer for vegan street outreach in food markets all across NSW. If elected, Rohan would be in a position to influence and educate the media and industry to drive changes around how we look at food.

Outside of volunteering, Rohan enjoys hanging out with his sister’s dogs, playing cricket, tennis, rugby league and learning more about fitness and nutrition.  





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