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Randa Moussa

Randa is standing for election in the Cabramatta area because she is passionate about creating a fairer and kinder society for animals, people and the environment.

She is driven by a sense of justice towards all domestic companion animals to be appropriately and justly cared for and loved by all members of society and for all wild animals, to live safely in their own habitats.

Randa has built a long career in the community services sector, where she started counselling as a volunteer with Lifeline. She currently works with culturally and linguistically diverse communities in the field of social research. This inspired her and influenced her sense of justice for all, animals, people and the environment. Instilling a sense of responsibility in her to contribute to a fairer, kinder world. 

Randa is proud to represent the Animal Justice Party in this state election and looks forward to advocating for animals, people and the planet.


[email protected]

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