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Protect Dingoes

Dingoes urgently need your help – Animal Justice Party MP Mark Pearson has just introduced the Dingo Protection Bill and he needs you to help show the Government and the Opposition that the people of NSW support the protection of dingoes. 

We have just three months to build support for this bill. 

Dingoes are being persecuted across NSW. Trapped, poisoned, shot and hung up as trophies on fences and in trees.

It is shocking that dingoes have no legal protection in NSW and are not even classified as native animals.

Mark Pearson’s Dingo Protection Bill will change that so dingoes are protected and recognised for their importance both to Indigenous peoples and acknowledged for their critical role in maintaining biodiversity.

Tell NSW Environment Minister James Griffin that our dingoes deserve protection.


Protect Dingoes

1,155 Signatures Collected

Only 3,845 more until our goal of 5,000

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