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Louise Ward

Meet Louise Ward. Louise is standing as a candidate for the Upper House in this election to give animals the political voice they so desperately need both in parliament and in this election campaign.

Louise has been the state director of the Animal Justice Party for the last 6 years. During this time she has seen first hand what can be achieved by having elected Animal Justice Party  representatives in NSW parliament. It is for this reason that Louise believes that parliament is where we can make the biggest and most positive changes to the lives of animals. 

Louise is dedicated to protecting our biodiversity and the places our native animals call home.  She will campaign to end the devastation of land clearing and native forest logging. Louise will work to implement legislation and dedicate resources to transition away from animal agriculture to sustainable plant based systems. Methods that use less water, land and energy and do not use and exploit animals.

Louise is particularly passionate about protecting our kangaroos and raising awareness of the plight of one of Australia’s most iconic animals. The treatment of kangaroos in this country is nothing short of a national disgrace. Most Australians do not know that kangaroos are the victim of the largest slaughter of wildlife on the planet. She will work to end this horror and make sure kangaroos are protected from profit driven slaughter.

Louise believes that the policies of the Animal Justice Party align with the values of the majority of Australians.  Australians hate animal cruelty and do not want to see chickens crammed into cages by the egg industry, dogs forced to run around a track by the gambling industry and kangaroos hunted down and killed in the dead of night to be made into pet food and soccer boots by the kangaroo industry.

Louise lives in Sydney’s inner South West with her partner and two children, 5 cats rescued from her street and rescue dog Josie, and her permaculture inspired garden.


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