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Linda Paull

Linda is standing for election in the seat of Heffron because she is determined to raise awareness of how our current treatment of animals and the environment is affecting our own existence.

Linda is driven by her values in everything she does. As an employee of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, she is dedicated to helping the vulnerable achieve better outcomes. Particularly those living in indigenous communities, whose lives and sense of place has been interrupted by colonialism, climate change and unsustainable practices that destroy the country and habitats for vulnerable native animals. 

Linda was living in Turkey when the Syrian Civil War broke out and spent time helping refugee families get back on their feet through visiting, bringing them much-needed supplies and raising money and donations. 

The Animal Justice Party’s values, kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence, resonate very strongly with Linda who believes these values need to be better represented in the NSW Parliament. To ensure those who are representing us base decisions on what the state needs to help its citizens thrive and to live in a way that is respectful of animals and the natural environment.

Linda has a particular passion for native forests, habitats and the animals who call those habitats home. She believes there is a strong relationship between our current food systems and our unacceptably high extinction rate and wants to help people join the dots between what they put on their table and the destruction of our wildlife. Coming from Dapto, a town famous for greyhound racing, she is aware of the dangers of gambling, as well as the inherent cruelty in the industry. She would love to see Veticare rolled out in NSW, to ease the burden on vets and wildlife carers and to help those who can’t afford vet care maintain healthy relationships with their companion animals.

Linda joined the Animal Justice Party in 2018 and is currently a Director on the National Board. She has been involved with numerous animal rights campaigns, including the campaign to end greyhound racing in the ACT, kangaroos and live export.


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