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Julie Power, Convenor

Julie Power's journey to animal activism and veganism first took hold when she was 15 years old. Walking past NSW Parliament, she saw a lone woman protesting with a poster of a battery hen. It opened her eyes to where the eggs she ate came from and she never forgot it. Later, the greyhound racing industry exposé drew her to attend a rally where Mark Pearson spoke. That was Julie's introduction to the Animal Justice Party – finally a political party she would happily vote for!

In 2018 a media story reported an overturned truck that had been carrying hundreds of hens. Rescuers were prevented from helping, and all the hens died. The devastation Julie felt for those creatures meant she had to do more. That's when she became a member of the Animal Justice Party.

Since joining, Julie has volunteered in myriad ways and held several key roles – as Membership Manager supporting the NSW Office and then as the Illawarra Regional Group Leader. She now lives in Dubbo, which is giving her even more exposure to the experience of animals, wild and farmed.

Julie Power: Convenor
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