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Holly Williamson

Holly Williamson is the Animal Justice Party candidate for Maroubra this state election. Holly knows that creating a society that shows strength through kindness is achievable and is determined to make it happen for Maroubra. She is passionate about changing unjust laws and giving a political voice to all people and animals living in the beautiful area of Bidjigal and Gadigal land.

While she studied law, she gave her time to the Aboriginal Legal Service and to Youth Law Australia where she advised children on a variety of legal issues from homelessness to finding safety from a violent home.

Holly volunteers with Greyhound Rescue, supporting greyhounds to find homes after they are abandoned by the racing industry and you’ll see her walking her dogs in the local area, picking up litter as she goes to stop rubbish from entering the ocean.

Holly vigorously opposes the Yarra Bay cruise ship terminal development and will work tirelessly to stop it from going ahead. Marine conservation is an issue central to the Maroubra community and one which Holly will fight tirelessly to achieve. She considers creating no-take zones along the coast as a priority, as well as implementing alternatives to shark nets such as surveillance drones, look-out teams and increased emergency response.


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