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Heather Edwards, General Committee Member

Heather lives in the Southern Highlands in NSW where she runs the Southern Highlands Friendly Vegans, a local social group encouraging a vegan diet. Heather also volunteers with NSW Hen Rescue and has fought coal mining and been involved with wildlife rescue in the past. Heather has always had a passion for protecting animals and has three rescue dogs. As a child she thought it was important to protect insects and has never been able to stand animal cruelty.

A vegetarian for over 24 years, it was a Facebook full of horrific, cruel videos that saw her turn vegan once she realised the absolute horror of the dairy and egg industries. If only she had known earlier. Politics is one of the ways to make change for animals so that is why Heather has been involved with the Animal Justice Party over the last few years.

Heather Edwards: General Committee Member
[email protected]