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Dorlene Haidar

Dorlene is the Animal Justice Party Candidate for Bankstown. She grew up only five minutes away, in the Canterbury-Bankstown region and says that what’s special about the area is that everyone gets along and is always looking to help one another out.

Dorlene joined the Animal Justice Party nearly 10 years ago when she had lost one of her cats. A friend suggested she get a rescue and at the time Dorlene didn’t know about rescues, so she started looking into them. This is when she learnt about animal farming and realised she wanted to make a difference to the lives of animals, fighting to change the law alongside the Animal Justice Party. Around this time, Dorelene started to get involved with volunteering, helping set up protests for greyhound racing and live export, issues she still feels passionate about today.

Locally, in the Canterbury-Bankstown area, the homeless cat population is a major issue. There’s a lot of backyard breeding, dumping of unwanted animals and very little desexing. As a mobile dog groomer and a shelter volunteer for over a decade, Dorlene saw a lot of this firsthand. She saw the way dogs were being dumped after breeding, with so many needing new homes.

That’s why Dorlene is proud to stand as an Animal Justice Party candidate, to make a difference in these spaces and follow her passion of fighting to change the law for animals.


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