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Donate to the 2027 State Election

Your contribution helps us fight for animals

The Animal Justice Party relies on regular donations to be able to run in elections. Your generosity has helped us to increase our vote in each election and this puts pressure on the major parties to make positive legislative changes for animals.

We have to compete with the major parties who have mega bucks. if we want to get animals on the political agenda at the March 2027 state election then we need to raise over $100K. Successfully contesting elections is a costly exercise -if we want to be able to get our message out across social media, radio and print media we will need your help. Can you chip in to cover some of the costs? 

Donation Information

Donations to our State Election Campaign account are subject to the following conditions:

Under the laws of the Electoral Funding Act 2018 (NSW) to make a political donation you must:

Either be on the electoral roll, an entity with a business number, or have your identification accepted by the NSW Electoral Commission;

Not be a prohibited donor such as a property developer, tobacco industry business entity or a liquor or gambling industry business entity, nor a close associate of a prohibited donor as defined by the Act;

Donations to the Animal Justice Party NSW cannot exceed $7,000 in the 2023/24 financial year; 

Donations (single or aggregated) of $1,000 or more for the financial year (including Memberships) will require a declaration to the NSW Electoral Commission; 

*Donations and membership fees are tax deductible ($1,500 limit).

Any questions, please contact us directly:
0437 922 318 / E:[email protected]

*Donations made by Australian citizens or residents over $2 to a maximum of $1,500 per year are tax-deductible.