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Our new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese made an election promise to ban live sheep export – sign now to make sure he keeps it.

Dear PM Albo,

Right now the fate of millions of sheep hangs in the balance. Labor made an election promise to ban live sheep export, but you have now declared ‘it will not happen in this term’. This is a disastrous outcome for millions of animals, who are set to suffer on live export death ships for years and years to come.

We cannot let this happen.

You have the power to stop the suffering and set a timeline for ending the cruel live export trade.

Why sign this petition?

If the Government can succumb to industry pressure, they can also succumb to public pressure. That’s you.

The profit-driven live export industry is pulling out all the stops to try and pressure the Labor government to delay, delay, delay. If the Labor government does not set an end date for the live sheep export industry in this term of government we may never see it end.

Time to act. Sign and share this petition.

The new Labor government needs to know that the majority of Australians support a ban. And that Australians voted for this ban and we will fight tooth and nail till we get it.

To Australian sheep we pledge this – we will never stop fighting for you. 


12,705 Signatures Collected

Only 7,295 more until our goal of 20,000

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