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Anna Nolan

Anna is a first time AJP candidate for Wallsend in the Newcastle region because she believes deeply that we can only achieve so much progress as a global community based on how we treat our most vulnerable - animal, environmental and human. 

The Animal Justice Party represents the much-needed change in perspective, policy and action that society needs to make a meaningful difference for all. Driven by a strong sense of empathy and justice, Anna studied law and spent a couple of months at the Environmental Defenders Office in Lismore as part of her legal training which opened her eyes to the many issues affecting our communities.

Anna has been a passionate advocate for animal welfare and broader environmental issues since a young child, becoming vegetarian 30 years ago and vegan 10 years ago. Anna actively promotes the many benefits of a healthy vegan diet including ending the horrors of factory farming, reducing the impact on our environment and generally fit and well.

Anna worked as a foster carer for four years helping to rehome cats and kittens through one of the many rescue organisations trying to prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of thousands of healthy dogs and cats. Now, Anna has three rescue cats of her own, with dreams to rescue more in the future.

Anna believes that we can progress our core values and policy objectives through education, awareness, evidence and action. If elected, she wants to make real progress on the many issues close to her heart including (but certainly not limited to) ending puppy farms and breeding facilities for companion animals, banning the use of animals for entertainment (including greyhound racing, horse and harness racing, rodeos and aquariums), protecting our iconic native (and non-native) animals including the kangaroos, koalas and brumbies, ending cruel and unnecessary animal experimentation and protecting our natural environment for current and future generations to enjoy.


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