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Alison Waters - Ordinary Member

Alison Waters lives in Lismore in northern NSW. She joined the party in 2016, after the Premier’s ‘backflip’ on the greyhound racing ban. Since that time, she has been a candidate at state, federal and local levels. Alison works in the domestic and family violence sector, and has an academic background in social work. She has been interested in politics since childhood, inspired by her father who stood for public office in the 1970s. Her desire to advocate for animals was first nurtured during childhood by her mother. She has been vegan for 27 years, and is a parent of vegan children.

Alison is keen to support membership growth of the party and the election of the next AJP political representatives. She is interested in exploring options for increasing diversity in the party’s membership and believes that it is important for the party to continue to mentor and support its young members. 

Alison Waters [email protected]