Petra Jones

Petra became a member of the Animal Justice party in 2016 after she heard a speech by the Hon Mark Pearson MP.  Hearing Mark speak she immediately felt that this party was the right fit for her. Petra has always been interested in animal rights and has had long associations with, and supported, various animal, environmental and human rights organisations. Petra was attracted to the AJP’s values of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-violence.

Petra strongly believes that a vote for AJP is not only a vote for the compassionate treatment of animals but a vote for a more compassionate and humane society overall.

Petra is running for the NSW Legislative Council because she believes the major parties have let animals, the environment and people down.

Petra believes in:

  • Considered building development that has regard to precious wildlife corridors, the impact of over-development on our quality of life including transport, schools, green spaces, shade from trees and our hardworking and over extended emergency services. Petra is not anti-development, but feels that much of the recent development in NSW feels like a ‘developers’ paradise’ with people, animals and the environment the losers as high rise after high rise is built without the appropriate infrastructure and support that enables communities to thrive.  Petra has been dismayed at the loss of so many magnificent trees throughout NSW that provide shelter, beautify our urban and rural spaces and drastically reduce the temperature.
  • Climate change action that stops further fossil fuel expansion and supports renewable technologies –  and believes a vote for the AJP can keep the major parties accountable and force them to act positively for our future and the future of our planet. For example, Petra wants to see Governments plant more native trees and find innovative ways to cool increasingly warming cities and our country side. Petra would advocate for much needed shade provided to farm animals increasingly suffering in extreme heat.
  • Compassionate treatment of animals and wants to see a ban on greyhound racing, the whip in horseracing, live animal export, puppy mills, animal testing of cosmetics and personal use items, and factory farming.
  • A toughening of animal protection laws including an increase in the penalties for convicted animal abuse, which are woefully inadequate at the present
  • Compassionate and practical support to help people keep their pets where domestic violence or other circumstances have forced them out of their home.
  • Responsible ownership of companion animals including de-sexing and microchipping.
  • Banning animals in circuses and marine theme parks


If you believe we can do better by the animals, environment and people in Australia, then #Vote1AJP at the NSW State Election.