Eve McWilliams

Eve McWilliams

Eve McWilliams
Candidate for
North Sydney

Email: evelyn.mcwilliams.ajp@gmail.com

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Eve McWilliams is the Animal Justice Party candidate for North Sydney Council, Cammeraygal Ward.

A former journalist, Eve now practices criminal law as a defence solicitor and it’s this experience that has taught her to look beyond appearances and question what is really going on.

For Eve, the most urgent issue confronting animals, human and hon-human, is climate change. ‘Local government can achieve a great deal in working to combat climate change. I believe that we can transition to a self-sustaining environment where humans can learn to recycle effectively and where animals are no longer used for food, clothing, or entertainment.’

If elected, Eve will work tirelessly for North Sydney and advocate for cleaner air, more green spaces, and a better environment for those who call the North Sydney home.