Darren Brollo

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This September, Darren Brollo will proudly represent the Animal Justice Party in his hometown of Newcastle.

A proponent of equality for all species, Darren believes that animals should not be viewed as property or used as food, clothing, research subjects, entertainment, or sport.

Adopting a plant-based diet over 30 years ago as part of a compassionate lifestyle, he promotes the many benefits of veganism including personal health and environmental sustainability. “For me, this aligns with a belief system, an ideology that everything is interconnected, – “one health”, the direct connection and interdependence between human health, animal health and ecosystem/environmental health.”

Highly regarded for his drumming ability, music has always been a platform for Darren to share the message of animal rights and encourage others to consider ethical and humane choices.

Darren is often out and about with his 11-year-old rescued Golden Retriever, Bella, and his more recent Dingo/Kelpie rescue, Indie. He is very happily married with two teenage children and feels honoured to have been selected by the Animal Justice Party to be a voice for the animals, the environment, and the most vulnerable in our society.