Our AJP NSW MLC Mark Pearson will be introducing the Right2Release bill into the NSW parliament to ensure that cats and dogs used in medical research, are offered to rescue groups rather than killed. Many of these animals are born into research and spend their whole lives there.

In Australia, research institutions kill hundreds of cats and dogs (even if they are healthy and re-homable) because they fear public awareness about the use of animals in experiments. They are concerned that giving these animals faces, names, and families may be the beginning of the end of all animal based medical research.

The Animal Justice Party will continue to call for an immediate end to the use of thousands of animals used in medical research, testing and all forms of experimentation.

The AJP NSW Right2Release bill will go a long way towards ending the killing of re-homable cats and dogs and opening up the debate into ending the cruel and unnecessary animal experimentation on all animals.



Make a difference sign our petition!! 

Our NSW MLC Mark Pearson will be introducing the following petition into parliament in support of our bill. Please note that as it will be introduced into parliament all details need to be hand written and signed. Please print and share with your friends, family and work colleagues.

If you would like us to send you out some hard copies please email nsw.director@animaljusticeparty.org

or call the office 9261 2047.

Petition-Right To Release 2017