Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson is the first Australian Member of Parliament to be elected on an animal justice platform. As the successful candidate for the Animal Justice Party, he was elected to the NSW Legislative Council in March 2015. Prior to entering parliament, Mark was the Executive Director of Animal Liberation in Australia. Before this he had been Team Leader of the Newcastle Community Mental Health Service in Newcastle and worked as a Clinical Acute Adult Psychiatric Nurse Specialist.

For the past 22 years Mark has engaged in animal advocacy, activism and campaign work; exposing cruelty in factory farming and recently, lobbying against the kangaroo meat trade. Two recent successes have been in relation to sheep and kangaroos. The phase out of the most invasive mutilation of any animal without analgesia – ‘mulesing’ in sheep and convincing the Russian Federation to ban imports of kangaroo meat by exposing inherent cruelty and hygiene problems. He enjoys opera – even trying to sing some- and stopping live export death ships from exiting  Australian ports.

‘’Why did the Animal Justice Party form? It was because thousands of ordinary people were outraged by what is happening to animals. We saw thousands of people gather across Australia, after they witnessed the horrendous treatment of our live export animals. We are not just concerned about cats and dogs and beautiful, majestic whales; we are also talking about sheep and cattle, the bodies of those animals upon which the economy of Australia was built. All animals are equally deserving of protection and justice’’.

In NSW, our AJP elected representative Mark Pearson is giving a voice to animals in parliament by introducing bills:

  • Banning the use of primates for medical research;
  • Banning animals in circuses and entertainment; and
  • Introducing mandatory monitoring systems and fire sprinklers in intensive animal facilities.

We are also:

  • Developing Companion Animals policy including limits on breeding, support for rescue groups and pound management reform, including legislative change to prohibit Council pounds from killing healthy animals that are awaiting rehoming; and
  • Lobbying the Minister for the Environment to trial an immune-contraceptive darting program for brumbies in place of aerial shooting.