Take a stand for the animals – NSW Local Government Council Elections 2017

Known as the third tier of government, it is easy to under-estimate the power and influence councils’ have with outcomes for many species of animals with strategic planning, and shaping the future direction of communities. While animal related concerns and issues can vary considerably across metropolitan, regional and rural areas, the common factor is often local council decisions which play an immediate and lasting role in the outcomes for many animals.

  • Pound and shelter operation and management of companion animals.
  • Management of the NSW Companion Animals Act and how local laws are made and enforced.
  • Operation, management and enforcement of boarding kennels.
  • Reviewing approving and monitoring of development applications for breeding and/or training facilities including for greyhounds, puppy factories, intensive factory farms, saleyards and slaughterhouses.
  • Reviewing and assessing applications for animals used or exploited for entertainment, sport, experimentation, or profit including circuses, rodeos, petting zoos, racing, pet shops and laboratories.
  • Reviewing and assessing development applications which relate to land clearing/development and corresponding impacts to native wildlife, including habitat, groundwater and surface water impacts.


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