About the AJP

Founded in 2009, the Animal Justice Party is the first political party in Australia that gives a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

In NSW, this voice is brought to the State Parliament by the Hon. Mark Pearson MLC, the only politician in Australia to be elected to represent animal welfare and protection. A passionate animal activist for over 20 years, the Newcastle resident’s numerous campaigns include exposing cruelty on factory farms, lobbying against the kangaroo meat trade and the abhorrent practice of “mulesing” in the wool industry.


When Mark Pearson entered the NSW Upper House in April 2015, he was the second parliamentary member in the world to lead a political party on the animal protection platform, following the election of the Dutch Party for the Animals in The Netherlands four years earlier. In 2014, the European Union elected two people on the basis of animal rights to the European Parliament.

For too long animals have been regarded by humans as commodities to be used for material gain. In recent years, however, there has been a monumental shift in public consciousness, a change that recognizes the right of animals to live dignified, worthwhile lives free of harm.

Proudly acknowledging the role of Australia, along with other countries, in leading the way towards representing the welfare of vulnerable sentient beings, in his inaugural parliamentary speech Mark Pearson said:

“This is a new era, a new chapter of a very important, fundamental and ethical shift in the consciousness of people about the wellbeing of those who cannot speak for themselves.”